Sometimes jokes on Twitter turn into real (good) things.

The Joke

A while back I tweeted a joke:

Some of my friends riffed on it

I was joking based on my tendency to accidentally type :wq when i’m in vim’s Insert Mode so the text ends up inside the file (like i’m tagging it, in the territorial sense) versus a command for the editor.

The Spark

Then I got the idea (from my friend Joel) to make it a sticker. I didn’t tell anyone about it, but I got 200 of them printed. I picked a few choice people (including those that riffed with me, and Joel) looked at their twitter profiles to identify their employers, figured out their work addresses (don’t be creepy) and sent them out.


Nope, I wasn’t kidding. And furthermore, when I saw people comment on Twitter about wanting one? Guess what I did?

Even across the ocean!

The Therapy

Why on Earth did I drop a hundred dollars on printing and postage? Because every reply made me smile. Every photo posted felt like a warm hug. I’ve even seen my stickers on the laptops of speakers at conferences.

The Plan


So, a recent Wordpress hack (remember to update your plugins, folks) means i've removed the paypal form for now. The good news is, this is actually getting me to set up a real online commerce store. details soon!


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