things i do

UI Development

HTML, CSS, and Javascript. i love using Sass to manage complex styles.

Server-side Development

PHP and extensive WordPress customizations and theme/plugin development.

I help you deliver

i’ve been making websites since 1996. would you like to work together?

things i write

a place for work

i invested a few hours (and some spare plywood) to make my desk more ergonomic and convenient.

published Sep 06 2013

the squares

here’s an article explaining how i do the animation in the background of this site. it’s all done with HTML, CSS, and JQuery/javascript (no images or Flash)

published Mar 12 2009

things i build

Migrate WordPress Database

a simple script designed to rapidly import a remote wordpress database .sql dump into your local environment over and over.

WX Weather

WX Weather Widget is a plugin for WordPress that displays information from a Personal Weather Station.

what is squaredesign

squaredesign logosquaredesign is the business website and blog of mike susz. like what you see & read here? need someone like me on your team? get in touch and let’s see how I can help you.