weather.icon_WX Weather is a WordPress widget designed to display data from a Personal Weather Station (PWS) in your blog sidebar. you can see it in action on my personal blog.


using this Widget requires that you already submit your PWS data to the website Weather Underground. to find out more about how to do this, visit Weather Underground’s Personal Weather Stations page.

this plugin/widget also requires that your server is running PHP 5.


download the plugin, available in the WordPress plugins repository – here. extract the contents to your wp-content/plugins/ folder, and activate it. for more information about installing plugins, see Managing Plugins.

in Appearance -> Widgets, drag the WX Weather Widget to your sidebar



edit the contents of the Widget to enter a title, your Weather Station Code (e.g. my code is: KNHRINDG5), and your unit preference into the Widget configuration interface.


don’t forget to Save Changes when you’re finished.

that’s it! the Widget will retrieve data from Weather Underground’s servers and cache it locally. no matter how busy your blog is, it will only make one request to Weather Underground every five minutes.



please note that this is pre-release software, available under GNU General Public License. i will do my best to fix bugs and keep it from doing bad things, but i probably won’t make it much more complex than it is.

there are lots of other weather plugins that get forecasts and conditions from the NWS and other organizations. this plugin is exclusively designed for owners of Personal Weather Stations.

if you have questions or concerns, feel free to drop a note!

– mike

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